Jupiter and Uranus - jackpot winners?

Jupiter aspect Uranus

Jupiter ja Uranus -aspect - lucky stroke?

Over the years I have seen so many claims on the internet about lucky people, lottery winners has aspects of Jupiter-Uranus that it has become a self-repeating self-evident fact. Every now and then, someone should provide some data to show that the claims are true. I was years ago mildly interested in Jupiter-Uranus' sudden lucky aspects, and therefore I collected 102 charts of lotto winners, scratch chart winners and gamblers who have won considerable sum of money - from about 1000-10000000 dollars. And here's the results extracted from excel workbook:

Jupiter/Uranus aspects:

5 semi-sextiles
+ few small
aspects such as quintiles

Mathematically minded people (I am not included) can likely draw a conclusion from this - no obvious evidence of correlation between Jupiter/Uranus aspect and being "lucky".

An here is the whole table of Jupiter-Uranus distance in 102 winners charts. Charts are collected from various sources: AstroDataBank, Edith Custer's Mercury Hour - monthly publication (now long defunct) and from Internet pages (East and West, American and European) dedicated to concept of luckiness. For many of these charts there are no precise time but it is not necessary when you looking after Jupiter-Uranus aspects.

Note that the same aspect appears twice; first minus-degree when Jupiter approaches Uranus and then + degree when Jupiter is over its opposition to Uranus. But the aspects are the same, for example -90 is a square and +90 is square as well.

Like so many others I think that the mathematical way to prove the astrological correlations has not the final say. I know that Jupiter/Uranus aspect is sometimes an incentivce to sudden positive changes in individuals lives, not only in economical sense. It can suddenly open a new vistas to express yourself. But money, that is the compulsion of majority. A succes is too often a bag of money, even we know from sad experiences that lottery winners (especially in USA) tend to be broken and in bad shape after a couple of years after the money bag arrived. Be careful you sons-of-the-lucky-guys there, watch when your Jupiter/Uranus strikes...You can always hope that somebody does an extensive study on "lucky people". Remember that most of the expected astrological combinations proves in rigorous analysis to start dwindling away. Is that the destiny of Jupiter/Uranus aspects too? Time will tell.

Raimo Nikula, 13.10.2021.

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